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NEW TO YOUTUBE | Daniil Shafran & Anton Osetrov – Franck Cello Sonata, Live Performance [1983]

Never-before-uploaded 1983 live audio recording of legendary Russian cellist Daniil Shafran and pianist Anton Osetrov performing a cello arrangement of César Franck's Violin Sonata...

NEW TO YOUTUBE | Augustin Dumay & Jean-Philippe Collard – Franck Sonata, 1984 [VIDEO]

Never-before-uploaded 1984 archival performance of the then 35 year old French violin virtuoso Augustin Dumay performing Franck Violin Sonata - with pianist Jean-Philippe Collard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Od1XSSGKtQ&showinfo=0&autohide=1 AUGUSTIN...