Saturday, December 23, 2017
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NEW TO YOUTUBE | A $62 Amazon Violin Vs a $285,000 Fine Instrument [WOW]

American violinist Rob Landes test drives his new $62 factory violin from Amazon .... against a Vincenzo Panormo, Giuseppe Scarampella and $285,000 1700 Carlo...

NEW TO YOUTUBE | VC Young Artist Sheku Kanneh-Mason – “Hallelujah” [VIDEO]

17 year old British VC Young Artist Sheku Kanneh-Mason performing Leonard Cohen's legendary 'Hallelujah' - arranged for solo cello and chamber orchestra. The work is featured...

NEW TO YOUTUBE | Lindsey Stirling ‘Hallelujah’ – 1 Million Views 1st Day [VIDEO]

American violinist, dancer and performance artist Lindsey Stirling’s latest YouTube creation - a unique subway take on Jeff Buckley/Leonard Cohen’s classic hymn ‘Hallelujah’. To date...