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Composer Andre Gretry Died On This Day in 1813 [ON THIS DAY]

Belgian composer Andre Gretry died on this day in 1813 – 204 years ago. Although known primarily as an operatic composer, Gretry holds a notable place in the violin...

Violinist and Composer Emile Sauret Born On This Day in 1852 [ON-THIS-DAY]

French violin virtuoso and composer Émile Sauret was born on this day in 1852 – 165 years ago. A protege of Charles de Beriot and...

Composer Jean-Baptiste Accolay Born On This Day [ON-THIS-DAY]

Belgian violinist and composer Jean-Baptiste Accolay was born on this day in 1833 – 184 years ago. Accolay’s signature work is his student Violin Concerto in...

Belgian Composer and Violinist Henri Vieuxtemps Was Born on this Day [ON-THIS-DAY]

Belgian composer and violinist Henri Vieuxtemps was born on this day in 1820. A protege of Charles de Bériot, he is remembered as one of...


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