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Hungarian Violinist Jelly d’Arányi Died On This Day [ON-THIS-DAY]

Hungarian violinist Jelly d'Arányi died on this day in 1966 - aged 72. The grand-niece of virtuoso Joseph Joachim, she premiered a number of important works...

Hungarian Composer Bela Bartok was Born On This Day [ON-THIS-DAY]

Hungarian composer and pianist Bela Bartok was born on this day in 1881 – 136 years ago. Remembered as one of the most influential composers...

Hungarian Violinist Franz von Vecsey was Born On This Day in 1893 [ON-THIS-DAY]

Hungarian violin virtuoso and composer Franz von Vecsey was born on this day in 1893. A celebrated child protege of Jenő Hubay and Joseph Joachim,...

SAD NEWS | Eminent Hungarian Pianist and Conductor, Zoltan Kocsis has Died

Hungarian pianist, conductor and composer Zoltan Kocsis has passed away following a lengthy illness  - aged 64. A graduate of the Béla Bartók Conservatory and...

London’s Guildhall School Announces New Senior Violin Faculty Member

The Guildhall School of Music, in London has today announced the appointment of Hungarian violinist and pedagogue Andras Keller - to the position of ‘Violin...


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