Monday, December 11, 2017
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American Composer & Conductor Leonard Bernstein Died On This Day in 1990 [ON-THIS-DAY]

American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein died on this day in 1990 – aged 72. He is remembered as one of the most prodigiously talented...

American Composer and Conductor Leonard Bernstein Born On This Day in 1918 [ON-THIS-DAY]

American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein was born on this day in 1918 – 99 years ago. Dying in 1990, Maestro Bernstein is remembered as...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | The Melodica Men … Bernstein’s ‘Candide Overture’ [HUH]

YouTube sensation Joe Buono from The Melodica Men presents Bernstein's 'Candide Overture' ... arranged for two mouth-blown melodicas .... JOE BUONO | MELODICA MEN | LEONARD BERNSTEIN |...