Friday, December 15, 2017
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MANIC MONDAY | Bach ‘Chaconne’ (Arr. 4 Double Basses & Octobass) [VIDEO]

Introducing Bach's 'Chaconne' in D Minor .... arranged for four double basses and octobass. Recorded live at the 2015 Mardi Graves Festival, in Montpellier, France...

Montreal Symphony Orchestra Welcomes New World First

The Montreal Symphony Orchestra has today announced they are set to add a new instrument to their ensemble - a 3.6 meter tall, 131kg octobass. The...

New 4 Meter Tall Octobass Unveiled in Norway

A rare and newly crafted 4 meter tall octobass has been unveiled at the Only Connect Festival of Sound, in Oslo. Invented in 1850, in...