Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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AUDITION | Los Angeles Philharmonic – ‘Section 1st Violin’ Positions [APPLY]

The Los Angeles Philharmonic in Los Angeles, United States is currently accepting applications for 3 Section 1st Violin positions. Applications to be received by May 1st, 2019. For...

The Cleveland Orchestra Announces New 26-Year-Old Assistant Concertmaster

The Cleveland Orchestra has today announced the appointment of 26-year-old American violinist Stephen Tavani as its new Assistant Concertmaster - effective from the commencement of the...

AUDITION | Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Europe – ‘Section 1st Violin’ Positions [APPLY]

The Mahler Chamber Orchestra is currently accepting applications for two ‘Section 1st Violin’ positions. Applications to be received by 16th of May, 2018. For further details, visit:

AUDITION | Minnesota Opera, United States – ‘Assistant Concertmaster’ and ‘Section 1st Violin’ Positions

The  Minnesota Opera  is currently accepting applications for the ‘Assistant Concertmaster’ and a 'Section 1st Violin' position. Applications to be received by February 14th,...