Monday, October 23, 2017
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STOLEN VIOLIN ALERT | 1699 Rogeri Violin, Freiburg, Germany [PLEASE SHARE]

An international alert has been issued today for a 1699 Giovanni Battista Rogeri violin - stolen from the Brandensteinstrasse district in Freiburg, Germany on...

STOLEN VIOLIN ALERT | 8 Heinrich Gill Modern Violins, Berkeley, USA [PLEASE SHARE]

An alert has been issued in Berkeley, California, USA today for 8 German-made Heinrich Gill modern violins - stolen from the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel,...

STOLEN VIOLIN ALERT | 1720 Matteo Goffriller Violin Stolen in London [PLEASE SHARE]

An international alert has been issued in the United Kingdom today for a 1720 Matteo Goffriller violin - stolen at approximately 7pm on Tuesday...


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