Sunday, July 15, 2018
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VC BUZZ | Franck Sonata for Violin, Piano and Fire Alarm [FAIL]

A little unexpected accompaniment during Montclair State University student, Aurora Mendez's recent junior recital ... AURORA MENDEZ & DR. SOYEON KIM | FRANCK VIOLIN SONATA | FIRE ALARM 

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Mozart Clarinet Concerto for Interpretive Dance [WTF]

Meet RL Sims and his rather unique interpretive dance performance of Mozart's A Major Clarinet Concerto. We have no more words.   RL SIMS | MOZART | CLARINET...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | YouTuber, Andrew Huang – ‘Air on an Actual G String’ [WTF]

Um …. Youtube sensation Andrew Huang takes on Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Air on the G String’ …. played entirely on ladies' underwear. Ok. We have...