Toronto Symphony Unveil New Visual Guide for Concert Goers

The Toronto Symphony has unveiled an innovative new classical music listening guide to aid live audiences in better visualising and understanding the concert experience

Toronto Symphony Listening Guide Cover

The Toronto Symphony has today unveiled an innovative new classical music listening guide - utilizing symbols and morse code-like notation to aid live audiences in better understanding and appreciating the concert experience.

Designed for the Symphony’s main house program book, the visual display contains a deft mix of text and graphics to easily aid the understanding of the work’s thematic progression, key structures, featured instruments and durations.

Toronto Symphony Listening Guide

“The guides were created to help develop audience appreciation for the art form,” Managing Editor and Musicologist, Hannah Chan-Hartley has told Creative Review.

“We wanted to remove some of the barriers to comprehension that more traditional guides you see in print tend to have - [and] to provide engaging and informative content for our TSO audiences,” she has said.

Toronto Symphony Listening Guide

PHOTO CREDITS: Hannah Chan-Hartley/CreativeReviewlist