TwoSet Violin Discusses the Unethical Practices of Selling Instruments

Brett Yang and Eddy Chen of TwoSet Violin discuss the unethical practices of selling instruments and how a consumer can catch the scams


TwoSet breaks down two main issues that come with purchasing instruments: commissions for teachers and fake instrument or false instrument labeling.

The video explains that oftentimes, teachers tend to operate from a commission system. Depending on what the student purchases, and from where, there is a chance that their teacher will make a so-called "secret" commission. This can be detrimental to instrument shops.

Another warning TwoSet gives is the fraudulence that can be involved when purchasing a new instrument.

The two share stories on how many scammers are in the business of selling fake instruments with real-looking labels. Many musicians are finding that five-figure-seeming-instruments turn out to be cheaper — and made locally with false labels placed on the instrument and case.

TwoSet explains that it is crucial to get many different opinions from various people when purchasing an instrument. They urge to purchase newer instruments from the makers themselves to ensure that they are authentic and true to their label. A maker will always be able to spot a fake rendition of their instruments.

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