UCLA School of Music Names New Director of Iranian Music

Professor Farzad Amoozegar will be the new director of Iranian Music at the Herb Alpert School of Music at the University of California Los Angeles.


Professor Amoozegar's appointment is made as part of the school's collaborative efforts with the Farhang Foundation, which promotes Iranian culture and art.

The goal is to connect students of UCLA to Iranian culture through music by being immersed in this type of art and by meeting musicians. Los Angeles has the largest Iranian diaspora in the United States.

“The variety in Los Angeles’s Iranian musical community also allows those who have been trained in different musical styles to come together to produce new and engaging works," stated Professor Amoozegar. “The other influence Los Angeles has, and I believe it is a trend that will continue to develop, is the desire of second-generation Iranians to learn about Iranian music and culture.”