VC LIVE | Bowdoin International Music Festival Presents: The Jupiter & Ying Quartets

The program features Alexander Zemlinsky’s String Quintet in D minor and Schubert String Quintet in C Major


We’re coming to you from the 2021 Bowdoin International Music Festival, in Brunswick, Maine, for a special concert with members of the Jupiter and Ying Quartets.

Though not widely known within today's classical music canon, Austrian-born Alexander Zemlinsky was highly regarded during his time. He began work on his string quintet in 1894, and by 1896, had only completed two movements. Sketches to the two final movements are said to have existed but were lost and have yet to surface.

The featured artists in this concert are Nelson Lee, Meg Freivogel, Liz Freivogel and Daniel McDonough, who make up the Jupiter Quartet, and Phillip Ying from the Ying Quartet.

You can watch the stream, here.