VC LIVE | New World Symphony’s ‘Viola Visions’ – 'Visions and Installations' [LIVE]

An all-viola celebration, entitled ‘Visions and Installations’ - recorded live at the 2019 New World Symphony ‘Viola Visions’ Festival


An all-viola celebration, led by conductors Nico Muhly and Michael Linville, featuring violists Nadia SirotaTabea ZimmermannKim KashkashianJonathan Vinocour and VC Artist Matthew Lipman.

The program entitled ‘Visions and Installations’ includes: Nico Muhly’s ‘Keep in Touch’ for Viola and Orchestra, George Benjamin’s ‘Viola, Viola’, Luciano Berio’s ‘Chemins II’ and Betty Olivero’s ‘Neharot Neharot.

Recorded live on the 17th of October, 2019 as part of the New World Symphony's 'Viola Visions' Festival - in Miami Beach, Florida, United States.

Full streaming of this year's 'Viola Visions' Festival available on The Violin Channel.