Man Arrested at Vienna Opera For Moving to More Expensive Seats

Vienna Opera House Man Arrest Ticket Seats Cover

An audience member, dubbed 'The Phantom of the Opera, has been arrested at the Vienna State Opera House for persistently sneaking into more expensive seats.

The unnamed 63 year old, known for his habit for purchasing cheap tickets then moving, is understood to have been chased, handcuffed and arrested by police mid-theatre - during Wednesday night's performance of Strauss' ballet 'Verklungene Feste/Josephs Legende.'

Local media are reporting on previously occasions the man had managed to outrun police and usher staff to evade arrest.

The cheapest seats at the opera are sold for €12 (US $14) - while the most expensive boxes sell for as much as €139 (US $150).

A spokesperson for the house said the man has been banned from all future performances at the venue.