VC WEB BLOG | Violinist Daniil Bulayev – ‘Little Piccolo Comp: It Was a Great Learning Experience’ [BLOG]

In a VC exclusive blog, former il Piccolo Violino Magico International Competition 1st prize winner, Daniil Bulayev talks us through his 2017 experience

Daniil Bulayev

With the 2018 il Piccolo Violino Magico International Competition currently entering its final stages in San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy, VC recently caught up with a number of former prize winners, to get a better understanding of their time at the competition – and the opportunities the annual event has since presented.

In a VC-exclusive blog, 14-year-old Latvian violinist and former 1st prize winner Daniil Bulayev, talks us through his 2017 experience:


"I (with my violin teacher Nelly Sarkisyan) decided to participate in the competition as it was a great opportunity to perform different works with chamber & symphony orchestras and after that to get invaluable comments and constructive feedback from the distinguished international Judges.

It was great learning experience. Moreover, there was the opportunity to perform in duet with a member of the jury (without rehearsal) and it was such an incredible experience.

The competition was a great source of self-evaluation and help me growing and improving.

The atmosphere of the competition was unique. I didn’t feel the sense of competition, we just played music together, it was emotional communication, soulful expression, fulfillment…

I am so grateful to Maestro Giancarlo Guarino, Maestro Marco Guidarini and all musicians of the performing orchestras, Accademia d’Archi Arrigoni and Mitteleuropa Orchestra, for their feelings, understanding and support.

I was very happy to perform with You and in Italy – motherland of the great Paganini.

I would like to take this occasion to thank the Organizers of the competition, Domenico Mason and each person of the great team, for the surprisingly warm, great welcoming and very family friendly atmosphere in the delightful & cosy San Vito al Tagliamento, Fabio Piagentini & sponsors for awards and the Italian audience who supported all participants with warmth and passion.

The competition didn’t end for me in the week of the competition. After, I got different opportunities to have concerts and perform as soloist with orchestra in Italy.

Good luck to all of this years participants.