NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Paul Neubauer & Wu Han - Shostakovich's Recently Discovered Viola 'Impromptu' [2018]

Paul Neubauer and Wu Han performing the US premiere of Dmitry Shostakovich's recently discovered 'Impromptu' for Viola and Piano

Paul Neubauer - Shostakovich Impromptu

Violist Paul Neubauer and pianist Wu Han performing the US West Coast premiere of Dmitry Shostakovich's recently discovered Impromptu for Viola and Piano Op. 33.

"On September 25th, 2017, which would have been Shostakovich’s 111th birthday, it was announced that this Impromptu for viola and piano was found in the papers of the great Russian violist Vadim Borisovsky - held in the Moscow’s central archive ..." Paul has told The Violin Channel.

"This Impromptu was composed in 1931, early in Shostakovich’s career and it has a delightful simplicity that was characteristic of his lighter compositions ... the opening has a poignant feel, whereas the brief faster section has a whimsical flavor albeit with a hint of sadness ..." he has said.

"Any new work of Shostakovich is very welcome to violists, and this charming miniature adds a new dimension to Shostakovich’s output for the viola ... this Impromptu complements his monumental viola sonata and chamber and orchestral works that feature the viola." 

Recorded at the 2018 [email protected] summer music festival - in Atherton, California, United States.