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2021 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition Opening Round Candidates Announced

This year's competition will be held virtually from May 14-16 and will be streamed on The Violin Channel

2020 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition To Be Held Virtually - image attachment

The 2021 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition announced its opening-round candidates:

Senior String Division

  • Unheard-of//Ensemble (Brooklyn, New York, United States)
  • Heathcliff Trio (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Joyce Quartet (Paris, France)
  • Trio Unio (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Trio Rupnik (Vrhnika, Slovenia)
  • Belcourt Trio (Nashville, Tennessee, United States)
  • Risus Quartet (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Elless Quartet (Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
  • The Galvin Cello Quartet (Evanston, Illinois, United States)
  • Trio Resfeber (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Rucheri Trio (New Taipei City, Taiwan)
  • Trio Rai (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)


Junior String Division

  • Aveta Trio (Burlingame, California, United States)
  • Trio Serio (Raleigh, North Carolina, United States)
  • Amoroso Quartet (New York, New York, United States)
  • Hemiola Trio (Irvine, California, United States)
  • Rivendell Trio (St. Paul, Minnesota, United States)
  • Lumiére Quartet (Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
  • Quartet Feroce (Highwood, Illinois, United States)
  • Carmen Quartet (Evanston, Illinois, United States)
  • JDR Quartet (Plano, Texas, United States)
  • Omaggio Quartet (Evanston, Illinois, United States)
  • Ardente String Quartet (Highwood, Illinois, United States)
  • Zephyr Quartet (Evanston, Illinois, United States)
  • The Rivers Trio (Weston, Massachusetts, United States)
  • Stars Aligned Siblings (San Pablo, California, United States)
  • Dajj Quartet (Worthington, Ohio, United States)
  • Golden Trio (Highwood, Illinois, United States)
  • Chasqui Quartet (Bethesda, Maryland, United States)
  • CAM Trio (Columbus, Ohio, United States)
  • Accenti Trio (Exeter, New Hampshire, United States)
  • Sprezzatura Quartet (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
  • AUN Quartet (Flower Mound/Plano, Texas, United States)

Senior Wind Division

  • Northern Winds (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)
  • Apex Brass (Washington, DC, United States)
  • Soma Quartet (Bloomington, Indiana, United States)
  • Euphonium Quartet OrigAmi (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Aero Quartet (Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States)
  • KamBrass Quintet (Lucerne, Switzerland)
  • Group 2 Quartet (Lansing, Michigan, United States)
  • Sequoia Reed Quintet (Rochester, New York, United States)
  • Eros Quartet (Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States)
  • Cyan Quartet (Urbana, Illinois, United States)
  • Kodan Quintet (Houston, Texas, United States)
  • The University of CO Boulder Trumpet Ensemble (Boulder, Colorado, United States)

Junior Wind Division

  • Quid Nunc Saxophone Quartet (San Antonio, Texas, United States)
  • Couloir Quartet (San Antonio, Texas, United States)
  • Aurelian Quartet (Carrollton, Texas, United States)
  • HAAAR Woodwind Quintet (Crestview, Florida, United States)
  • Penn Brass Quintet (Mishawaka, Indiana, United States)
  • Purple Hippopotami Flute Trio (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
  • The Bone Rangers (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
  • Los Paquitos Trio (Worthington, Ohio, United States)
  • Encore Flute Quartet (Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States)
  • LdV Wind Quintet (Wolfforth, Texas, United States)
  • Carmesí Quartet (Wolfforth, Texas, United States)
  • SQT (Tinley Park, Illinois, United States)
  • Ikigai Quartet (Keller, Texas, United States)
  • Axiom Brass (Wolfforth, Texas, United States)
  • Powerhouse Brass (Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States)


Since its founding in 1973, more than 7,400 musicians have participated in the annual competition, including former Grand Prize recipients VC Artists Calidore Quartet, Ulysses, and the Dover Quartet.

The 2021 Senior String Jury will comprise Julio Elizalde, Liz Freivogel, Michael Kannen, and Rachel Barton Pine.

The 2021 Junior String Jury will comprise Pamela Highbaugh Aloni, James Howsmon, and Karen Kim.

The 2021 Senior Wind Jury will comprise Valerie Coleman, Louis Hanzlik, Chien-Kwan Lin, and Gail Williams.

The 2021 Junior Wind Jury will comprise Peter Ellefson, Kari Landry, and Zachary Shemon.

Regarded as the United States’ largest chamber music competition, the Grand Prize-winning ensemble will receive USD $13,500 — plus a number of important domestic and international performance opportunities.


december, 2022


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