Air Canada to Allow Violas Onboard Following Social Media Furor

Air Canada Plane Viola Baggage Cabin Violin Cover

An Air Canada Official has today released the following statement, via The Violin Channel website, indicating the airline will update their musical instrument transportation policy to allow violas to be carried as carry-on luggage - inline with their current protocol for violins and guitars.

“We appreciate the feedback and are aware of inconsistencies with the current viola baggage policy that has not been revised in some time. We are making changes in the coming days to be in line with the policies for violins and guitars; our website will be updated when completed,” the unidentified Air Canada Official has said.

The current policy, as outlined on the Air Canada website, states:

"Violins may be accepted as carry-on or checked baggage,”  however “Violas can only be accepted as checked baggage.”

“A cello may be accepted as checked baggage, or may be transported in the cabin if a seat is purchased for it,” the policy reads.

A story, posted on on October 2nd, outlining the airline's current inconsistency, received over 4000 social media shares, 200,000 page views and 27,000 facebook likes.

Power to the people.


Air Canada Makes Public Declaration of No Violas in the Cabin