Candidates Announced for UK's Cecil Aronowitz International Viola Competition

The Cecil Aronowitz International Viola Competition will be held in Birmingham, England from November 6 to 12 — with the Final Round streamed LIVE here on The Violin Channel



The 2021 Cecil Aronowitz International Viola Competition announced its opening-round candidates.

Open to international violists 21 years of age and younger, the first prize winner will receive £5000, an album recording with Champs Hill Records, plus a fine viola bow made by Robert Shallock at £3,500 courtesy Bishop Instruments & Bows, and accessories from Pirastro.




The 2021 opening round candidates are:

  • Vittorio Benaglia (Italy)

  • Alvaro Castello (Spain)

  • Yuxin Chen (China)

  • Jone Diamantini (Italy)

  • Edgar Francis (UK)

  • Chang Ge (China)

  • Seamus Hickey (Ireland)

  • Brian Isaacs (United States)

  • Yong-ha Jung (South Korea)

  • James Kang (United States)

  • Bill Ko (Hong Kong)

  • Dagmar Korbar (Croatia)

  • Dana Lee (Australia)

  • Yat Lee (Hong Kong)

  • Yixiu Lin (China)

  • Laura Liu (United States)

  • Zitian Lyu (China)

  • Devin Moore (United States)

  • Hanuel Park (South Korea)

  • Anuschka Pedano (Netherlands)

  • Connie Pharoah (United Kingdom)

  • Eva-Maria Radl (Austria)

  • Mikel Rollet (United States)

  • Alinka Rowe (United Kingdom)

  • Noga Shaham (Israel)

  • Joseph Skerik (United States)

  • Abigail Smith (United States)

  • Miguel Sobrinho (Portugal)

  • Marvin Stark (Germany)

  • Lynn Sue-A-Quan (Canada)

  • Nicholas Swensen (Denmark)

  • Anna Sypniewski (France)

  • Otoha Tabata (Japan)

  • Yanan Wang (China)

  • Yujie Wang (China)

  • Zhupeng Xi (China)

  • Mingyue Yu (China)

  • Yujie Zeng (China)

  • Jaren Ziegler (United Kingdom)

  • Paul Zientara (France)


The 2021 jury will comprise Thomas Riebl, Matthew Jones, and Garth Knox.

Previous first prize winners include VC Artist Timothy Ridout.