VC BUZZ | Kanneh-Mason Family Orchestra – 'Britain's Got Talent' [MUST SEE]

Meet the Kanneh-Mason Family Orchestra – finalists in this year's television talent quest 'Britain's Got Talent.' “I can see this act going all over the...

VC BUZZ | Arielle Baril – 'America's Got Talent' 11 Year Old Operatic Prodigy [VIDEO]

11 year old middle school student, operatic prodigy Arielle Baril performing Puccini's 'O mio babbino caro' during last Tuesday evening's auditions of 'America's Got...

VC BUZZ | GoPro Cam Conductor – Antonio Pappano, Royal Opera House Orch [VIDEO]

Ever wondered what life looked like for a top conductor? Chest mounted GoPro cam video of British conductor Antonio Pappano conducting a performance of Rossini's 'William...

VC BUZZ | One Man Orchestra – 75 Different Orchestral Versions of Himself [VIDEO]

British musician Ben Morfitt's sensational new CGI video of himself performing every instrument in the orchestra. The hyper gifted 24 year old shot 75 different versions of...

VC BUZZ | 'Mad Fingers Pizzicato' via GoPro Cam [VIDEO]

Russian violinist Dmitry Rotkin performing his original composition, the spirited, fast fingered 'Mad Fingers Pizzicato' - as captured on Go Pro camera. DMITRY ROTKIN | MAD FINGERS...

VC BUZZ | Bach 'Prelude' No. 1 in C – Performed on Broomwhackers [VIDEO]

Bach's 'Prelude' No.1 in C Major performed on elementary classroom pentatonic boomwackers. BACH | PRELUDE NO. 1 IN C MAJOR (ARR. FOR 5 BROOMWHACKERS)

VC BUZZ | Beyonce and Her 'Single Ladies' Put a Ring on Shostakovich 10 [VIDEO]

Who would have ever thought the choreography to Beyonce's 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)' fits so seamlessly to Shostakovich's 10th Symphony? Well, heck...

VC BUZZ | 8 Year Old Joyous String Quartet – Michael Jackson 'Smooth Criminal' [VIDEO]

The Joyous String Quartet, comprising four uber-talented 8 year olds performing Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' - arranged for solo cello, 2 violins and bass. New...

VC BUZZ | *** World First *** Eric Silberger, Paganini 24th Caprice Layered Variations [VIDEO]

American violin virtuoso Eric Silberger performing Paganini's 24th Solo Caprice, with all variations layered - for the first time in history. Produced and shot by Lara...

VC BUZZ | How to Effectively Unassemble a Violin in Under 3 Minutes [VIDEO]

Not entirely sure how, what, where or why, but American electric violinist Jason Hurwitz reveals his latest time-lapse art project - 'How to easily...

VC BUZZ | 'Mini Maestros' – Conductor Teaches 15 Tots to Play Piano in Just 5 Weeks [VIDEO]

Inspiring 150 second television commercial by Swedish insurance company, Folksom entitled 'Mini Maestros' - documenting an inspiring conductors 5 week journey to transform fifteen...

VC BUZZ | 300 Android Phones Performing Beethoven's 'Ode To Joy' [VIDEO]

300 Android phones and tablets performing Beethoven's 9th Symphony's 'Ode To Joy'. Arranged by Google Japan using Android's Androidify app. 300 ANDROID PHONES & TABLETS |...

VC BUZZ | Seattle Symphony String Quartet Surprise Delayed Passengers [VIDEO]

Seattle Symphony musicians, violinists Mikhail Shmidt and Elisa Barston, violist Susan Gulkis Assadi and cellist Walter Gray, en route to Palm Springs make surprise...

VC BUZZ | Lara St John, Vivaldi 'Spring' for Violin, Orchestra and GoPro Camera [VIDEO]

Ever wondered what life looked and sounded-like for a soloist? Canadian violin virtuoso Lara St John performing Vivaldi's 'Spring' from 'The Four Seasons' with the...

VC BUZZ | The Piano Guys – World's Largest Christmas Nativity Scene [VIDEO]

Youtube viral sensations, The Piano Guys have this week released a new Christmas video – featuring what's believed to be the world's largest nativity...



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