Charlotte Symphony Conductor To Step Down After Upcoming Season

Conductor Christopher Warren-Green will leave his position at the end of his twelfth season with the orchestra


At the end of the orchestra's 90th season, Christopher Warren-Green will become conductor laureate and music advisor to the orchestra as they search for a replacement to assume his role.

Aside from conducting his final year with the Charlotte Symphony, Warren-Green will also be conducting the London Chamber Orchestra's 100th season in the upcoming year. Upon leaving Charlotte, he will return to England to spend more time with family.

“Twelve years is long enough... It gets to a point where you want it to be a little quieter,” the conductor told the Charlotte Observer, emphasizing that his decision was not influenced by the pandemic. He went on to say that the search for a new conductor could take a few years to ensure that the right person is hired.

“But you don’t leave the orchestra in the lurch. You stand by them until they find the right person.”