NEW TO YOUTUBE | David Garrett Plays Three Stradivarius Violins

The German violinist tried out some of Stradivari’s famed violins at Cremona’s Museo del Violino



International World Violin Day was celebrated earlier this month on December 13. In honor of that, violinist David Garrett visited the Museo del Violino to play three renowned Stradivarius violins.

Museo del Violino houses collections of the finest stringed instruments from makers such as Stradivari, Amati, and Guarneri. 

The video was filmed in September 2021 by Roberto Domenichini at the Giovanni Arvedi Auditorium, in which Garrett explained the histories and characteristics of each of the violins as he played them.

Garrett had the chance to play on Antonio Stradivari’s c.1668 “Golden Bell,” 1715 “il Cremonese/Ex-Joachim,” and his 1734 “Lam/Ex-Scotland University” violins.

“It is the biggest dream for any violinist to be in Cremona — first of all because Cremona is the birthplace for such beautiful instruments,” Garrett expressed to a small audience.

Starting violin at the age of four, Garrett later studied with Zahkar Bron, Ida Haendel, and Itzak Perlman. Garrett made his solo debut at age 10 and signed with the Deutsche Grammophon record label at age 13.

Garrett currently plays on the “Adolf Busch” Stradivarius crafted in 1716.