OUT NOW | Cellists Blaise Déjardin & Kee-Hyun Kim’s New CD: ‘Mozart: New Cello Duos’ [LISTEN]

Opus Cello has announced the release of cellists Blaise Déjardin and Kee-Hyun Kim's new album: 'Mozart: New Cello Duos'


Opus Cello, a newly-formed label dedicated to the development of new quality repertoire for cello ensembles, has this month announced the release of cellists Blaise Déjardin and Kee-Hyun Kim‘s new album: ‘Mozart: New Cello Duos‘.

The disc features two new duo cello arrangements of Mozart’s G Major and B-Flat Major Duos, originally scored for violin and viola – plus a newly-premiered arrangement for two cellos of Mozart’s Piano Variations on ‘Ah vous-dirai-je Maman’ (aka “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”).

”Since I founded Opus Cello in 2013, I have been highly selective in the quality of the pieces I would consider arranging … I wanted this first album to have true musical depth and go beyond the novelty of recording new arrangements for two cellos …” Blaise, who serves as Principal Cellist with the Boston Symphony has told The Violin Channel.

“I knew my dear friend Kee-Hyun Kim would be the perfect partner for this project, bringing in both a stellar cello technique and the musical depth of a great chamber musician,’ he has said.

”Mozart did not write many things specifically for the cello – there are no sonatas, no concertos, no solo pieces … one gets a sense of how he would write for the instrument in the virtuosic, yet expressive, passages in his late string quartets but to have three whole arrangements of masterpieces by Mozart should delight any cellist who loves his music,” Kee-Hyun has said.


Mozart: New Cello Duos

Blaise Dujardin, Cello

Kee-Hyun Kim, Cello

Label: Opus Cello

Release Date: June 21, 2019