OUT NOW | Silkroad Ensemble's New CD: "Falling Out of Time"

The 80-minute tone poem for voices and small ensemble, composed by Osvaldo Golijov, is inspired by the novel ''Falling Out of Time'' by David Grossman, and tells the story of grieving parents mourning the loss of their child during Israeli-Palestinian conflict


In a Circle Records announced the release of Silkroad Ensemble's new album: "Falling Out of Time".

"At some point in our lives, nearly everyone of us will be thrown into the exile of grief and walk in that exile a seemingly endless journey "outside" of time, while asking the universe questions for which there are no answers. Falling Out of Time is that journey,'' composer Osvaldo Golijov has this week told The Violin Channel.

"My hope is that this music will bring the listener to that place described with precision by novelist David Grossman, a place in which "we can sense, concurrently... the negation of life and its affirmation," he said.



Falling Out of time

Composer Osvaldo Golijov

Silkroad Ensemble

Label: In a Circle

Release Date: October 9, 2020