Prizes Awarded at Prague's 2021 Gustav Mahler Cello Competition

Simon David Eberle from Germany has been awarded the grand prize at the 2021 Gustav Mahler Prize Cello Competition in Prague, Czech Republic

Simon David Eberle PC: Peter Adamik

A student of Jens Peter Maintz at the Universität der Künste Berlin, Simon is a former major prize winner at the Jugend Musiziert, Manhattan, and Berliner International Music Competitions. He will receive 30,000 CZK ($1,380 USD).

He was also awarded first prize in this year's Senior 26 to 30-year-old category.



This year's other age category first prize winners include:

  • Sam Lucas (Australia) — Winner of the 21 to 25-year-old category

  • Felix Brunnenkant (Germany) — Winner of the 18 to 20-year-old category

  • Tomáš Prchal (Netherlands) — Winner of the 17-year-old category

  • Ruixuan Qi (China) — Winner of the 16-year-old category

  • Tae-Yeon Kim (South Korea) — Winner of the 15-year-old category

  • Yiqi Chen (China) — Winner of the 14-year-old category.

  • Fryderyk Midor (Poland) — Winner of the 13-year-old category

  • Ji Eon Lee (South Korea) — Winner of the 12-year-old category.

  • Yixin Li (China) — Winner of the 11-year-old category

  • Haoyu Gu (China) — Winner of the 10-year-old and younger category

The 2021 jury comprised Petr Nouzovský (Chairman), Michaela Fukačová, Michal Kaňka, Jiří Jakeš, and Tomasz Szczesny.