Senior Category Winners Announced at the Netherlands Violin Competition

Held this past weekend, the competition announced the top prizes for the Oskar Back and Davina van Wely age categories

Oskar Back Prize Winner Isobel Warmelink (PC: Foppe Schut)


25-year-old Isobel Warmelink has been awarded first prize in the Oskar Back (18-26-year-old age) category. Isobel will receive €12,000 plus a number of important solo engagements.

The second and third prizes were awarded to 26-year-old Emma Roijackers and 19-year-old Iris van Nuland, respectively.


Iris van Nuland, Isobel Warmelink, Emma Roijackers and His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands           PC: Foppe Schut


For the final round of the Oskar Back Senior division, each candidate presented a Mozart Rondo with string orchestra in addition to either the Korngold or Berg Violin Concertos — performed with conductor Bas Wiegers and the Residentie Orchestra.

The 18-26-year-old age category was adjudicated by Susanne van Els (Chair), Guy Braunstein, Isabelle of Cologne, Maria Milstein, Daniel Rowland, Ed Spaniard, Tjeerd Top, and Patty Hamel.


16-year-old Joshua Tavenier was awarded first prize in the Davina van Wely (14 to 16-year-old) category. Joshua will receive €3,000.

The second and third prizes were awarded to 16-year-old Zohra Jongerius and 15-year-old Luca van der Waals.


Joshua Tavenier with the Netherlands Youth String Orchestra (photo: Foppe Schut)

For the final round of the Davina van Wely category this year each candidate presented the Weinberg Concertino for Violin and String Orchestra with conductor Karel Venhergot and the Netherlands Youth String Orchestra.

The 14-17-year-old age category was adjudicated by Elisabeth Perry (Chair), Maaike Aarts, Cindy Albracht, Sonja van Beek, Bas Treub, and Alessandra Sordo-Sanchez.

Held every two years, the Netherlands Violin Competition, in Utrecht, Netherlands, aims to develop young violin talent, via four specific age categories, up to the age of 26.

The competition is open to Dutch citizens only.

Previous winners include: Janine Jansen, Liza Ferschtman, Jaap van Zweden,Emmy Verhey, Simone Lamsma, Rosanne Philippens, and Niek Baar.

All rounds of this year's competition were streaming live on The Violin Channel and are available now for playback.