Southern Violin Makers Competition Announces Winners

Southern Violin Association (SVA) held its third biannual event in Little Switzerland, North Carolina

(Photo credit: Southern Violin Association)

Erik Iván Diaz-Garcia, who received the gold medal for violin workmanship and the highest score, will serve on the jury for the next competition in 2023.

Unique to this year, only violin and viola luthiers could enter the competition. Additionally, due to the ongoing pandemic, venue restrictions barred the luthiers from accessing the judging hall.

The jury comprised Stephanie Voss, Jerry Pasewicz, and Jaime Gonzalez for workmanship — and Olga Shpitko, Juan Ramírez, and Jonathan Wright for tone.

A full list of the winners include:

Violin Workmanship

  • Gold: Erik Iván Diaz-Garcia

  • Silver: Pablo Alfaro

  • Bronze: Felix Sandre Ochoa


Violin Tone

  • Gold: J. Wesley Rule

  • Silver: Henry Fisher

  • Bronze: Pablo Alfaro


Viola Workmanship

  • Gold: Pablo Alfaro
  • Silver: Liliana Holguín Barraza
  • Bronze: Ken Cousson


Viola Tone

  • Gold: Pablo Alfaro

  • Silver: Liliana Holguín Barraza

  • Bronze: David Chandler


Southern Maker Award:

  • J. Wesley Rule


Novice Maker Award:

  • Liliana Holguín Barraza


Highest Workmanship Score Violin or Viola – Next Competition Judge:

  • Erik Iván Diaz-Garcia