World's 1st £2 Million Gold, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire Violins


The world's first 24-carat gold-plated violins, encrusted with diamonds, sapphires and ruby-encrusted skull scrolls have been unveiled in London

The bespoke instruments, valued at in excess of £2 million each, were crafted as a collaboration between electric instrument-maker Bridge and jewellery designer Theo Fennell

Gold Violins To Go Up Ben Lizzi Scrolls

They will be played by electric violin pop group FUSE – featuring Linzi Stoppart and bandmate Ben Lee on their upcoming American and Asian tour

To balance the weight of the gold and jewels, the instrument were constructed from a special carbon and Kevlar blend – allowing them to be light enough to be played

The electric duo previously performed on the world's first Swarovski Crystal violins – valued at $1.5 million each

Linzi Stoppart Bee Lee FUSE