20 Things Never to Say to a Classical Musician …

20 things you really shouldn't say to a classical musician ...


Unfortunately, they don’t come with a manual. So here’s 20 things you really shouldn’t say to a classical musician …

1. So, what’s your day job?


2. Do you mind playing for free? Really, it’ll be huge exposure.



3. Man, I love classical. Phantom’s totally my favourite opera.



4. Yeah. Play something for me right now.

giphy (55)

5. Cool. Can I touch your instrument?

giphy (34)


6. But, isn’t classical music dead?

giphy (32)


7. Is that a real song or did you make it up?

giphy (38)



8. What do you do for money?

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9. Oooo …. I love the ‘Four Seasons.’

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10. I love listening to classical when I’m studying or trying to fall asleep.

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11. Sorry my event’s a bust. Your quartet’s good to head off early. Here’s half the pay.

giphy (28)


12. Really, can’t you just do it as a hobby?

giphy (83)

13. Your CD was great … I burnt copies for all my friends.

giphy (87)


14. So … cool, you’re trying to be a musician?

giphy (9)


15. Can I get on your concert free ticket list? And maybe a +1?

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16. So cool. So what’s your backup plan?

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17. Do you own a Stradivarius?

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18. That’s so cool. Iiiiiii used to play the piano.



19. You know what you should do …………..?

giphy (88)


20. You should go on X-Factor.

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