ASK THE PROS | Sarah Chang - Help Me With 'Running Passage Articulation'


The Violin Channel member Hannah Buckley, from Sydney, was desperate to know: 'Why when I'm playing rapid, slurring semiquavers do the notes sometimes seem fluffy or squashed, even when I'm being conscious of a non-sluggish left hand and mindful of smooth string crossing?'

VC threw Hannah's plea over to Korean-American virtuoso Sarah Chang:

'Hi Hannah,

Articulation in the left hand is vital. Not only is it important you land each finger down on the fingerboard accurately, but it's also just as important to lift that same finger quickly and decisively to make way for the next.

Another point that might help is to get the curve of your fingerboard and your bridge checked out. I personally like a high bridge. It requires more work for the fingers but I find it gives the sound more clarity.

And, also make sure your strings are fresh. New strings help make the notes sparkle and your sound multiply in volume with no added bow pressure.

Good luck Hannah. Keep your practice up and you'll get there! - Sarah'


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