Candidates Announced for 2021 Odesa International Violin Competition

The competition will take place from May 7-13 in Odesa, Ukraine


The 2021 Odesa International Violin Competition announced its opening-round candidates.

The candidates are:

  • VC Young Artist Dmytro Udovychenko (Ukraine)
  • Adam Suska (Poland)
  • Anna Tanaka (Japan)
  • Bohdan Shalyha (Ukraine)
  • Brieuc Vourch (France)
  • Carter Coleman (United States)
  • David Horvat (Netherlands)
  • David Moosmann (Germany)
  • Eimi Wakui (Japan)
  • Gayoung Shin (South Korea)
  • Hawijch Elders (Netherlands)
  • Jakow Pavlenko (Ukraine)
  • Jelin Lee (South Korea)
  • Jevgēnijs Čepoveckis (Latvia)
  • Laura Katherina Handler (Germany)
  • Luka Ispir (France)
  • Maria Ioudenitch (United States)
  • Mikhail Usov (Russia)
  • Miquel Muñiz-Galdon (Spain)
  • Oksana Butrynska (Ukraine)
  • Petre Abraham Smeu (Romania)
  • Sofiia Yakovenko (Ukraine)
  • Vassily Chmykov (France)
  • Yuriko Takemoto (Japan)


Open to violinists of any nationality who are between 16 and 28-years-old, the competition will be held in Odesa, Ukraine.

The first prize winner will receive €3,000, as well as a violin made by Myroslav and Orest Putsentela.

The 2021 jury will comprise of Valeriy Sokolov, Alissa Margulisa, Andrii Murza, Daniel Austrich, Oleksii Semenenko, David Wong, Andrej Bielow, Diana Tishchenko, and Hobart Earle.