Junior, Intermediate and Senior Prizes Awarded at Spohr International


The category prize winners have today been announced at the 2013 7th Louis Spohr International Violin Competition, in Weimar, Germany

Category 1 (14 Years and younger): 1st Prize: Sophie Wang, 2nd Prize: Sueye Park, 3rd Prize: Ziyu He

Category 2 (15 to 17 Years Old): 1st Prize: Nathan Mierdl, 2nd Prize: Anna Tanaka, 3rd Prize: Vilmos Csikos

Category 3 (18 to 20 Years Old): 1st Prize: David Castro-Balbi, 2nd Prize: Reina Shibutani, 3rd Prize: Eugene Chepovetsky

Sophie Wang will receive 1500 Euro, Nathan Mierdl 2500 Euro and David Castro-Balbi 3500 Euro