Thursday, August 18, 2022

MANIC MONDAY | Violinist Hilary Hahn Takes A Swim in Her Concert Gown [WHAT]

American violinist Hilary Hahn taking a post-concert swim this week in the Northern Lakes of Bergen, Norway ... in her concert gown ... "Always wanted...

MANIC MONDAY | The Colorado Symphony's New Special Guest Conductor [KOOKY]

Colorado Symphony Orchestra performing John William's theme from 'Jurassic Park' at this year's Comic Con festival ... with a very special new Guest Conductor...

MANIC MONDAY | Violinist Baron Buika - Warning: Don't Try This at Home! [MUST SEE]

Breathtaking archival footage of Hungarian violinist Baron Buika - performing live on the Ed Sullivan Show, in 1959. Warning: Do not try this at home! BARON BUIKA |...

MANIC MONDAY | Violinist Guy Braunstein - The One Man Band [LOL]

Israeli violinist Guy Braunstein performing Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto ... accompanied by himself ...  

MANIC MONDAY | The Shirtless Violinist - 'Let It Go' From 'Frozen' [WHAT]

Youtube phenom, Matthew Olshefski (aka The Shirtless Violinist) performing Let It Go from Disney's musical fantasy, Frozen. "Seeing as I’m a big fan of the movie, I couldn’t...

MANIC MONDAY | Billie Eilish - 'Bad Guy' (Arr. Solo Violin) [WOW]

Latvian-born violinist Roberts Balanas performing is own 1-man cover to Billie Eilish's Grammy Award-winning 'Bad Guy' ...

MANIC MONDAY | The Shirtless Violinist – Themes From ‘Mary Poppins’ [WHAT]

Youtube phenom, Matthew Olshefski (aka The Shirtless Violinist) and pianist Johnny Walsh performing the themes from the Mary Poppins soundtrack. “The songs from the classic 60s musical are some of the best and...

MANIC MONDAY | Lola & Hauser - Queen's 'We Are the Champions' (Arr. Cello/Piano) [EPIC]

Instagram phenoms Lola Astanova and Hauser present Queen's epic classic We are the Champions ... arranged for piano and cello ... LOLA ASTANOVA & HAUSER |...

MANIC MONDAY | Vivaldi's 'Spring' ... for A Cappella Vocal Quintet [HUH]

Vivaldi's 'Spring' from 'The Four Seasons' ... like you've never heard before .... Presented by acclaimed Israeli female unaccompanied vocal ensemble, Carmel A-Cappella. CARMEL A-CAPPELLA VOCAL...

MANIC MONDAY | Tina Guo & "That Cello Guy" - Vivaldi's Double Skype Concerto [WOW]

YouTube cello sensations Tina Guo and Cremaine Booker aka "That Cello Guy" performing Vivaldi's Double Cello Concerto in G Minor ... via Skype! How can...

MANIC MONDAY | Tchaikovsky - 'Swan Lake' (Arr. Violin & Tutu) [LOL]

Salvatore 'Crazy Violinist' Lombardo … performing Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake solos for violin .... and tutu …

MANIC MONDAY | Violinist, Katica Illenyi - The 'Bolero' Twist [VIDEO]

Hungarian violinist, Katica Illenyi's 'Bolero' twist ... Recorded live with conductor Istvan Sillo - and the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra. KATICA ILLENYI | RAVEL | BOLERO | ISTVAN SILLO & GYOR...

MANIC MONDAY | Vivaldi 'Four Seasons' - Arr. Rockn Electric Guitar [VIDEO]

Latvian electric guitarist teen, Laura Lace performing a rockn' cover to 'Summer' from Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'. LAURA LACE | VIVALDI | SUMMER FROM 'THE FOUR SEASONS'...

MANIC MONDAY | VC Artist Sergey Malov - Paganini's 'Il Carnevale di Venezia' [WTF]

VC Artist Sergey Malov performing Paganini's Il Carnevale di Venezia ...

MANIC MONDAY | Introducing the Marionette Puppet Cellist … [WOW]

Meet Hungarian-born Irish-based street puppeteer, Ettenoiram …. and his marionette cellist friend … ETTENOIRAM | THE BEATLES | SHE LOVES YOU | CELLO MARIONETTE



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