OUT NOW | Cellist Amit Peled’s New CD: ‘Bach Suites : Casals Cello’ [LISTEN]

CTM Classics has announced the release of Israeli-American cellist Amit Peled's new album: 'Bach Suites : Casals Cello'


CTM Classics has this month announced the release of Israeli-American cellist Amit Peled‘s new album: Bach Suites : Casals Cello.

The disc features Bach’s Solo Cello Suites No. 1 in G Major, No. 2 in D Minor and No. 3 in C Major – all recorded on the 1733 Goffriller cello, previously owned and performed on by luminary cellist, Pablo Casals.



“I grew up admiring the legendary Casals recording of the Suites and I wanted to pay my humble homage to the Maestro, his cello, and to those monumental Bach pieces using the same cello that Casals played for his 1936/7 recording …” Amit has told The Violin Channel.

“The Casals Goffriller cello is a timeless creation … while we are just passengers enjoying it while we can and passing it on to the next driver,” the Peabody Institute faculty member has said.


Bach Suites : Casals Cello

Amit Peled, Cello

Bach Solo Cello Suites 1-3

Label: CTM Classics

Release Date: February 1, 2019