Industry Report Indicates Classical Sales Declining and Streaming Not Compensating

Classical Music CD Sales Decline Cover

An alarming new report, released this week by BPI has indicated classical music CD sales have declined a further 5% year on year in 2014.

The industry body statistics have reported classical sales represented a 3.1% share of the overall market, down from 3.2% in 2013 - and representing a global drop from 2.5 Million units sold to 2.4 Million.

The report has also indicated that classical music did not reflect the doubling of overall music streams witnessed in 2014 – only accounting for a 1.2% of all streamed traffic.

BPI have reported the best-selling classical album of 2014 was 'Love in Venice' by André Rieu ‒ selling 179,000 copies.

Violinist Nicola Bennetti's 'Homecoming' release was the 8th highest grossing classical music album of the year.

Top 10 classical albums 2014:

1. 'Love in Venice' - André Rieu
2.  'Serenata' - Alfie Boe
3.  'Home Sweet Home' - Katherine Jenkins
4.  'Christmas Classical Voices' - Various Artists
5.  'Christmas at Downton Abbey' - Various Artists
6.  'Islands &#8210 Essential Einaudi' - Ludovico Einaudi
7.  'The John Rutter Songbook' - John Rutter
8.  'Homecoming' - Nicola Benedetti
9.  'Rieu Royale' - André Rieu
10. 'Classic FM &#8210 Hall of Fame 2014' - Various Artists