Frank Peter Zimmermann Locked in Last Minute Bitter Strad Tug-of-War

Frank Peter Zimmerman Kreisler Stradivarius Cover

It is being reported today in the Wall Street Journal, that German violin virtuoso Frank Peter Zimmermann is locked in a bitter last-minute tug-of-war over the use of the prized 1711 ex-Fritz Kreisler 'Lady Inchiquin' Stradivarius.

It is understood the contractual conditions of the fine instrument's use, were with the now-defunct German bank WestLB – with the contract set to expire today, Sunday 22nd February.

Whilst it is being reported the 49 year old virtuoso has offered to purchase the violin from the successor firm, appointed to wind down the bank's holdings, it is understood the price requested is allegedly significant above the appraised value of US $5.1-5.7 Million.

From all reports, the original contract signed in 2002, included a preferred-buyer option for Mr. Zimmermann.