Leipzig Quartet to Replace Arrested Violinist Due to Travel Restrictions


The Leipzig String Quartet has today announced that Mattias Wollong, Concertmaster of the Staatskapelle Dresden, and Raphael Chris, Principal 2nd Violinist of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra will replace arrested violinist Stefan Arzberger for the next two weeks.

Arzberger, 42 was arrested and released on US $100,000 bail in a New York City court on March 27th – after it has been alleged he attempted to strangle a 64 year old female hotel guest at the Hudson Hotel, on Columbus Circle.

A spokesperson for the Quartet has earlier made claim that “ the episode happened after someone slipped a drug into Arzberger’s drink at the hotel bar” and that "he has no memory of the incident."

“Counsel is now working on the possibility of obtaining permission for Stefan to travel internationally and resume his duties with the LSQ”, Lawyer, Nicholas Kaizer has said in a statement.

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