Leipzig String Quartet Jump to Defence of Arrested Leader

Stefan Arzberger New York Hotel Strangulation Cover

The Leipzig Quartet members have today publicly come to the defence of 1st violinist, Stefan Arzberger - who was arrested on Friday, in Manhattan and charged with strangulation and burglary offences.

The ensemble today released the following brief statement, via social media: “After he get drugged in a bar he was disoriented for 5 hours and got robbed. All credit cards were used with high criminal energy and serious damage. Investigation is in progress.”


Arzberger, 42 was arrested and released on US $100,000 bail in a New York City court on Saturday – after it has been alleged he attempted to strangle a 64 year old female hotel guest at the Hudson Hotel on Columbus Circle.

“He’s an upstanding member of society without a criminal record who has devoted his life to the arts,’’ Arzberger’s lawyer Nicholas Kaizer has said in a statement “… he has no record anywhere, and we hope at the end of the journey, he has no record here.”

The investigation continues and presumptions of innocence apply.


Leipzig Quartet Violinist Charged with Strangling New York Hotel Guest