Michael Nyman to Premiere Symphony for '89 Hillsborough Football Disaster


English composer Michael Nyman is set to unveil a new hour-long symphonic work, inspired by the 1989 Hillsborough football stadium disaster – in which a human crush killed 96 and injured 766 Liverpool football fans, in Sheffield, England.

Commissioned by the local Liverpool council, 'Symphony No.11: Hillsborough Memorial' is based on the music Nyman was recording on the afternoon of the tragedy, 25 years ago – and will include Liverpool-born mezzo soprano Kathryn Rudge singing the names of the 96 deceased.

“25 years after the Hillsborough disaster, he says that he hopes it will make a small but significant contribution to the healing processes still necessary for the families of the lost fans,” a spokesperson for Mr Nyman has said.

'Symphony No.11: Hillsborough Memorial' will be premiered by the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, at Liverpool Cathedral on July 5th – as part of the Liverpool Biennial Cultural Festival.