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OUT NOW | Cellist John-Henry Crawford's New CD: "DIALOGO"

The album features Brahms' Sonata No. 2 for Piano and Cello, Shostakovich's Sonata for Cello and Piano, and Ligeti's Sonata for Solo Cello

Orchid Classics announced the release of American cellist John-Henry Crawford's new album, entitled "DIALOGO."

Recorded alongside pianist Victor Ascuncion, the album explores how composers from various eras communicate with dialogue in their music. The name of the album is inspired by the first movement of the Ligeti Sonata, titled "Dialogo."

"I thought it would be interesting to explore the concept of how different composers use dialogue in their music," John-Henry Crawford told The Violin Channel.

"Noticing what is being said from moment to moment and piece to piece in this album, is something that we can all use our imaginations to help construct.

"The first and greatest inspiration for the repertoire and the title of the album itself would be the Ligeti Sonata and its first movement. There is a certain ironic juxtaposition about this work because it is written for solo cello and therefore feels very solitary in nature. Yet it depicts two characters (Ligeti and his love interest) passionately conversing with one another, hence the name Dialogo.

"The Brahms and Shostakovich are pieces that represent a more pronounced type of dialogue between piano and cello. Each sonata and movement within them changes the tone of the conversation, from grandiose orations and pleasant discourses in the Brahms to solemn reflections and fiery debates in the Shostakovich.

"I hope listeners will be able to resonate with the wide variety and display of expressive dialogue in this album. Particularly with Ligeti and Shostakovich, music was a way for these composers to communicate their inner feelings, perhaps ones they couldn’t or even shouldn’t put into words at the time. After a year as isolating as 2020, I hope this album can help listeners appreciate the emotional importance of dialogue in our lives, and maybe inspire new conversations we want to have or previous ones we miss having."




John-Henry Crawford, cello

Label: Orchid Classics

Release Date: June 4, 2021



february, 2023


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