OUT NOW | Spektral Quartet's New CD: "Experiments in Living" [LISTEN]

The disc features pieces by Brahms, Schoenberg, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Sam Pluta, Anthony Cheung, Charmaine Lee, and George Lewis


New Focus Recordings announced the release of Chicago-based Spektral Quartet's new album: "Experiments in Living."

"Spektral is unusual in part because of the breadth of styles and eras that we perform and record — we connect pieces in concert that, on the surface, don't automatically seem related," violist Doyle Armbrust told The Violin Channel.

"'Experiments in Living' is a kind of iridescent cross-section of some of our favorite quartets and commissions, music that burns brighter when placed side-by-side. If we may say so, it's an audacious bit of programming."

"The motivation for releasing this album as a deck of cards is to empower listeners to discover these connections themselves. We are unshakable in our belief that audiences don't need specialized knowledge or even previous exposure to classical music to have a thrilling encounter with it."

"We hope that by offering participants a hands-on, interactive experience through the Tarot-like activity, they will listen even more deeply and discover their new favorite piece in the process."


Experiments in Living

Spektral Quartet

Label: New Focus Recordings

Release Date: August 28, 2020