BREAKING | Ji Young Lim Awarded 1st Prize at Queen Elisabeth Competition

Ji Young Lim Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition Cover

20 year old Ji Young Lim from South Korea, has just minutes ago been awarded 1st prize at the 2015 Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition.

2nd and 3rd prizes were awarded to 26 year old Oleksii Semenenko from Ukraine - and 22 year old VC ‘Young Artist’ William Hagen from the United States

4th, 5th and 6th prizes were awarded to 24 year old VC 'Young Artist' Tobias Feldmann from Germany, 18 year old VC ‘Young Artist’ Stephen Waarts from United States/Holland - and 21 year old Fumika Mohri from Japan.

A graduate of the Korea National University of Arts, where she studied with Nam-Yun Kim, Ji Young is a former prize winner at the Henri Marteau and Indianapolis International Violin Competitions.

She will receive 25,000 Euro (USD$31,000), a CD recording, a number of international concert engagements and the 4 year use of the ‘Huggins’ Stradivarius – on generous loan from the Nippon Music Foundation.

VC 'Young Artist' Stephen Waarts was awarded the VRT Audience Prize.

1st Round, Semi-Final and Final Round performances available at: