Fundraiser Launched for Revolutionary New Portable Music Stand

An online crowdfunding campaign has been launched for a new revolutionary portable music stand

Stikato Music Stand Cover

A online crowdfunding campaign has this week been launched for a new revolutionary portable music stand - constructed to stick to almost any wall surface and designed to improve posture whilst practicing at home and on-the-go.

Invented by San-Francisco-based product designer and violinist Akshay Dinakar, the new Stikato stand is constructed to support the weight of an entire binder of music - and can be folded into a flat position and stowed in a folder or violin case.




"I had the inspiration to create Stikato when I witnessed how much I and other musicians slouched when practicing ... " Akshay has told The Violin Channel.

"Stikato itself weighs just a few ounces and when not in use easily fits inside a folder of music ... unlike the traditional music stand which is constrained in size, and is bulky & clunky in design, Stikato can be used at literally any height," he has said.

Stikato attaches to surfaces with nano-suction sticky pads, the maker has indicated, which can be used thousands of times without losing their strength.