Stolen 1840 Giovanni Francesco Pressenda Violin Found Undamaged in Auckland [HORRAY]

A missing 1840 Pressenda violin, believed stolen in Auckland on the evening of the 12th of August, has been found undamaged

Pressenda Violin Stolen Auckland Cover

A missing 1840 Giovanni Francesco Pressenda violin, believed stolen from a home in Pukekohe, Auckland on the evening of the 12th of August, 2018, has been found undamaged and returned to its owner.

The violin is valued at approximately US $500,000.

“I believe the theft happened in my home in Pukekohe whilst we were having a dinner party in my living room … it is my belief someone went into the bedroom and stole the instrument from under a bed …” the owner has told The Violin Channel.

“The Pressenda violin has today been returned anonymously to my home, following the world-wide alert that appeared on VC last Friday …” he has today said.

“I found the violin at my front door this morning … it's a miracle ... the case was covered in mud, but thankfully the instrument and bows are not damaged … I cannot thank the Channel enough,” he has said.