Pop Singer Taylor Swift Gives $50,000 to Seattle Symphony

Taylor Swift 50000 donation seattle symphony cover

It has been announced today that American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has made a USD $50,000 donation to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

The money, the orchestras board has indicated, will be put towards a music-education program for elementary school students in the area - plus towards the musicians’ pension fund.

It is understood the multi-million selling pop icon was inspired to contribute after listening to the ensemble’s 2013 Grammy award-winning commission of John Luther Adam’s ‘Become Ocean’ - which reminded her of going to the symphony with her Grandmother in her formative years.

In December 2014, the 25 year old made a similar USD $100,000 pledge to the Nashville Symphony.

It’s reported she also recently made a sizable donation to her dancer’s 13-month-old nephew who is battling cancer.