Vanbrugh Quartet Violinist Takes Solo Stand Against Putin's Anti-Gay Laws


RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet violinist Keith Pascoe has announced his withdrawal from the ensemble's upcoming concert in Moscow as a personal and political stand against Russia's increasingly draconian laws against homosexuality

Via Norman Lebrecht's 'Slipped Disc' website, Mr Pascoe explains:

“Being gay myself I felt this the best way to highlight the pernicious laws that are in force now: a license for homophobic bullying in schools and a green light to gay-bashers all over Russia. I think many musicians will sooner or later realise what serious consequences these laws will have on Russians and on the safety of visiting LGBT people, whether musicians or not.”

Pascoe's announcement comes in the wake of Gidon Kremer's high profile concert against Russia's recent legislation

Read full statement here