VC NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Composer Toshio Hosokawa's New Concerto for Violin and Orchestra: "Genesis"

The Japanese composer wrote the new concerto as a gift for violinist Veronika Eberle and her baby, Maxim, who was born in November 2019



The piece was world-premiered by conductor Kent Nagano and the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra, on May 19 at Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie.

"Veronika Eberle gave birth to a baby last November," composer Toshio Hosokawa said. "I composed the piece as a present for her and her baby. In the concerto, the soloist represents a human being, while the orchestra is imagined as nature and the universe surrounding him."

"At the beginning, the orchestra repeats wave motions suggestive of amniotic fluid, then the melodic line of the violin solo (= life) is generated from the inside of ‘cradle’, and is developing while imitating melodies inside the orchestra, then becomes independent of it, conflicts with it, however, finally finds a harmony inside the orchestra and dissolves into it."

"To breathe life into every note for the first time has been one of the biggest joys for me as a musician," Veronika told said in an interview with Askonas Holt. "I’m deeply honoured and full of gratitude for Toshio Hosokawa, who has dedicated his new violin concerto GENESIS to me."

"I have been revering Toshio San for a long time and I am touched to the core that he decided to write a new oeuvre for violin and orchestra. Practicing these notes brought back so many memories about pregnancy, birth, life, human beings, nature… It is very personal to me in regards to my own connection with these issues and the overall implication of these matters: creation!"

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart dearest Toshio San for this masterpiece which I am certain will survive generations and enriches our repertoire as violinists significantly."

The new concerto is performed here with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra and conductor Alexander Liebreich.