VC VOX POP | “What Piece of Music Would you Like to Walk Down the Aisle To?” [Q&A]

The Violin Channel recently caught up with 30+ of the world’s top string players to find out …


“What piece of music did you … or would you like to walk down the aisle to at your wedding?”

The Violin Channel recently caught up with 30+ of the world’s top string players to find out …

British Cello Soloist Steven Isserlis:

“Well, not Faure’s Libera Me! … Probably some Bach … or maybe Schumann’s Rhenish Symphony …  anyway, I’m sure that the decision wouldn’t be mine …

Canadian Violin Soloist James Ehnes:

“I was already standing up at the altar to start the wedding, but my wife walked down to the 2nd movement from the Bach double … played by our friends”

Italian-German Soloist, VC Artist Violinist Augustin Hadelich:

“No idea … maybe Stravinsky Suite Italienne ….?”

Korean-American Violin Soloist Sarah Chang:

“Anything but violin music …”

Australian Soloist, VC Artist Violinist Ray Chen:

“I’m definitely ill prepared to answer the question … as I’ve been spending most of my life not thinking about the piece I’m walking down the aisle to … but rather the type of food I’m going to have at the reception …”

American Cellist & The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Co-Artistic Director David Finckel:

“Well, I’m very happily married and don’t plan on doing it again, but … the orchestral interlude known as the Shepherd’s Music from Bach’s Christmas Oratorio is the first work that comes to mind …”

Canadian Violin Soloist Lara St. John:

“The Rite of Spring …”

VC Young Artist Violist Timothy Ridout:

“I haven’t given it a great deal of thought yet … hopefully I will be able to give a better answer in a few more years!!”

VC Young Artist Violinist Johan Dalene:

“Widor Tocatta F Major …”

Czech Philharmonic Concertmaster, VC Artist Josef Spacek:

“We were lucky to have a full orchestra at our wedding made up of all of our friends … we walked to two pieces … Mascagni’s Intermezzo for the bridal party … and Elgar’s Salut d’Amour for the beautiful bride ..”

Emerson String Quartet Violinist, Philip Setzer:

“The Andante from the A minor Sonata for Solo Violin by J. S. Bach”

VC Young Artist Cellist Zlatomir Fung:

“I’m a classicist here … the Mendelssohn Wedding March!”

VC Young Artist Violinist Richard Lin:

“2nd movement of the Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5”

VC Artist Violinist Nikki Chooi:

“John Cage 4’33”

Dallas Symphony Concertmaster, Alexander Kerr:

“At the wedding of my friend Eric Kim and his wife Stacey … I performed the Andante from Bach’s A Minor Solo Sonata … it was a beautiful idea”

New York Philharmonic Principal Cellist, Carter Brey:

“The recessional at my wedding was the last movement of the Bach C major Sonata for Solo Violin … played superbly by my good friend Joseph Swensen …”

American Soloist, VC Artist Violinist Stefan Jackiw:

“’O Fortuna … from ‘Carmina Burana … ‘”

TwoSet Violinist, Eddy Chen:

“Could change anytime in the future … but if you asked me now, probably Ravel string quartet first movement … Or maybe some Joe Hisaishi …”

TwoSet Violinist, Brett Yang:

“Pachelbel’s Canon …”

VC Artist Violinist Angelo Xiang Yu:

“I will let my better half decide …”

Russian-American Violin Soloist Philippe Quint:

“John Cage’s 4’33” … so I can hear the vows clearly …”

English Violinist Tasmin Little:

“If I ever get married again, I’d choose something pop … not classical this time around … Maybe some Barry White …”

Violinist & Fashion Model Filip Pogady:

“…IF that ever happens, I’d say some grand movement of a Mozart mass in a major key … “

London Symphony Orchestra First Violinist “Queen of Bling” Maxine Kwok-Adams:

“We chose the exotic location of Cebu for our wedding … and the planner asked if I’d like classical or traditional Filipino music … I went with the latter …”