Violinist Yamen Saadi Granted Use of Ex-Kreisler Stradivari

Austrian-American violinist and composer Fritz Kreisler owned the violin from 1936-1945

(Photo credit: Clara Evens)

Nazareth-born violinist Yamen Saadi was recently granted use of the 1734 "Lord Amherst of Hackney" Stradivari for three years.

The loan is courtesy of Stephan Jansen on behalf of a member of the Stretton Society, a private philanthropy club that supports classical music and musicians through various violins and platforms.

Owning it from 1936-1945, the instrument was one of three Stradivari violins Fritz Kreisler performed on during his lifetime.

"I think it is the most exceptional sound quality I have heard, extremely warm and sweet, exceptionally expressive tone and has a sound like no other violin," Saadi told The Violin Channel.

"The sound is always a singing tone, never shouts or screams, very round and special sound. One can only imagine the sweetness of Fritz Kreisler’s sound and expression while playing it. Kreisler is one of my biggest idols, and it inspires me so much to play on this violin."

Much of the instrument's original rich golden-red varnish still remains intact, and the violin is known for its incredible tonal qualities.

A student of Chaim Taub, Mihaela Martin, and the Kronberg Academy, Saadi is a first prize winner of the Paul Ben Haim Competition and has performed at major venues around the world. He has soloed with the Staatskapelle Berlin, Jerusalem Orchestra, Orchestra de Valencia, and Haifa Orchestra, among others, and is also an active chamber musician.

Later this year, Saadi will be releasing an album of music by Faure, Poulenc, and Ysaye recorded on the Stradivari.


Saadi with the ex-Kreisler ex-Lord Amherst of Hackney Stradivari (Photo credit: Clara Evens)